Keeping Players Engaged: Player Retention in Marvel Strike Force

Previously, we took a look at the different types of events in Marvel Strike Force, and how they keep players actively engaged. Events are only one strategy for player retention. Let’s look at some other ways MSF retains their players. 

Player Retention

Progression, especially in the early stages of the game, is tied to player level, as playing harder parts of the campaign, leveling up characters, and unlocking all the gamemodes are impossible without a high enough player level. To incentivise daily play, MSF has daily missions, which are simple tasks that reset every day. Player experience gain is very slow outside of daily missions, so players must log in every day and play to progress in the game.


Figure 1: Closer look into daily missions


Marvel Strike Force sends constant reminders to players about recently started or finished events through their inbox system, keeping players up to date about the latest content. These reminders nudge players to participate in MSF’s events, making them spend more time in game.


Figure 2: an example of a remainder for a limited time mission event


MSF also has both weekly and monthly streak systems. Missing a day ruins the streak, encouraging players to continually engage with the game every day or risk missing free rewards. 

Figure 3: Monthly calendar

Key Takeaways

  1. Give players a reason to log in every day, whether that be through daily missions or streaks. 

  2. Engage with players through an inbox system to send reminders about new content or events. 


Having an active player base is the first step to managing a successful game. The next step is to know how to effectively monetize your game. We will cover strategies MSF uses to get users to spend money in the next post. 

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