Users will spend differing amounts of revenue over time. Predicting how much revenue each user will spend allows you to tailor the user experiences and allocate your budget appropriately.

The RevenueSoon score for each user predicts how much money each user will spend over a future window.

Using RevenueSoon

How to leverage the RevenueSoon predictions for each user?

User Acquisition

Identify lookalike audiences who are most likely highest spenders.  Exclude users who low LTVs.

Promotion Optimization

Target promotions to increase maximum effectiveness without leaving money on the table.

Ad Revenue Optimization

Use the RevenueSoon to target users for ad revenue without sacrificing in-app purchases or user retention.

Customer Service

Prioritize and triage customer service requests with based on user value, including her expected lifetime revenue spend.

Why Chose Us?

Quick results
Start getting predictions within 5 business days.  Spend your time implementing individualized strategies for each user instead of building the analyses.
Cost effective
Low risk

Our Value Proposition

We offer good enough user predictions for a fraction of the cost of building it in-house.  By leveraging as-needed AWS infrastructure along with a proven 12 year old platform, we pass to our customers the cost savings despite re-training models everyday.  

If you are looking for the most accurate model with full transparency, then Sonamine may not be the best choice.  But if you are willing to trade off full control for fast accurate predictions, then contact us to get started.


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