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From Strategists, Senior Leadership

Data is strategic, why shouldn't we build this in-house?
If data is strategic, you should build it in-house.  It will take some time to recruit, structure and empower the in-house team.

As you are organizing and recruiting, leverage Sonamine to prove your case.  Then turn over your learnings and findings to your new in-house team!
How does Sonamine fit in the overall strategy?
How much can data really help our bottom line?
How risky is this data thing?

From UA, CRM, Live Ops

What results have you seen?
Our customers have obtained 7 times higher conversion rate in the ConvertSoon™ product. This means that if you can motivate a small percentage of this segment to convert, you will obtain up to 30% more first-time conversions.

Additionally, our customers are seeing between 10-20% higher first time conversions each month they run campaigns using ConvertSoon and PurchaseMoreSoon.
How easy is it to get started?
How long before we can get results?
What predictions do you suggest for pilot?
We use "ABC" for analytics and "XYZ" for messaging and AB testing, how would a pilot work?
How much will a pilot predictions project cost?
Are predictions required for the services?
What CRM tools do you support?

From Developers and Product Managers

Do we need to instrument the app or game with an SDK?
No.  Sonamine accepts raw data in many different formats, but no SDK integration is required.
What format of data do you accept?
Can you work with third party analytics vendors?
What data do you need?
What is the prediction data that we get back?
Can you send predictions to third party tools?
How frequently do we get predictions, is it real time?

From Data Scientists, Analysts and data managers

What makes Sonamine model better than in-house models?
Given enough time and effort to refine, we believe that in-house models will always be slightly better than Sonamine models.
What makes Sonamine model different from in-house models?
What machine learning algorithms are used?
How scalable are you?
How does Sonamine work with in-house data science teams?

Why Chose Us?

Quick results
Start getting predictions within 5 business days.  Spend your time implementing individualized strategies for each user instead of building the analyses.
Cost effective
Low risk

Our Value Proposition

We offer good enough user predictions for a fraction of the cost of building it in-house.  By leveraging as-needed AWS infrastructure along with a proven 8 year old platform, we pass to our customers the cost savings despite re-training models everyday.  

If you are looking for the most accurate model with full transparency, then Sonamine may not be the best choice.  But if you are willing to trade off full control for fast accurate predictions, then contact us to get started. 


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